3 Mobile offers a massive range of the latest 3G handsets and Mobile Broadband technology. 3 has some of the most competitive pricing in the UK marketplace, with great value minute, text and mobile data pricing.

Their 3G network launched on the third day of the third month of 2003 and was designed for the future of the mobile internet.

Back then, everyone used 2G networks to make calls and send texts. But 3G networks let you use email and access the internet as well. People soon started to see the potential of 3G and being able to get online easily on the move.

In 2008 they launched a huge program to improve and expand their network to make it even better. They wanted more people in more places to have better mobile coverage for calls, texts and mobile internet.

They’ve spent millions growing the breadth and depth of their network so their customers can get a faster, more reliable internet experience. Their network now covers more than 97% of the UK population for outdoor coverage. All this work means they can offer price plans that make using the mobile internet more affordable than ever.

They’re even winning awards for their network from industry magazines and websites – and they’ve come top of the quarterly YouGov polls again and again.

And because of all this, more and more people are joining Three. In fact, 44% of the UK’s mobile data now goes through their network*. Their customers are using nearly 80% more smartphone data on their network compared to May 2010. They’re officially the UK’s fastest-growing mobile network**.

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