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We welcome all feedback, positive or negative. Please let us know what you think of the site, and how it can be improved.

Please remember that although we only work with companies we believe to be reputable, we do not endorse any merchants that appear here and cannot assist with any problems you may have with them (nor indeed can we take any credit if they offer you service beyond the call of duty!). We do however want to hear your experiences so that we can take account of them when deciding who we should list and who we should avoid.

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About CAPTCHA codes

We want to make it easy for you to contact us, and CAPTCHA codes make it harder, so why do we use them?

Unfortunately, without them the level of unsolicited commercial email (“SPAM”) that we receive through the form vastly outweighs the number of genuine enquiries or feedback from our site users. We take the view that even though we dislike using them, missing your enquiry in a sea of spam is worse.

All a CAPTCHA code tries to do is confirm that you are human (you are, aren’t you?). Spammers let computers do the work of filling in forms like these, and computers aren’t great at working out the text that is hidden in the image. Sometimes it’s really hard for humans to decipher them too, which is why there’s a refresh button next to the image to generate a new (and hopefully easier to interpret) one.

We really don’t like using them and we are seeking alternatives. For one thing they are a massive obstacle for blind and visually impaired users. Please let us know what you think. You can also email the webmaster directly if you can’t use the form.

Disclaimer: Please remember that Lions Share does not endorse any of the merchants listed on this site, nor do the merchants endorse Lions Share in any way.
If you have any problem with a merchant listed here, we cannot help you resolve the problem but please do let us know so that we can consider removing the listing.