Created by the founder of LOVEFiLM, graze has taken the postal and online expertise, and added passion for good food with genuine innovation, to give British office workers the opportunity to improve the way they eat at work.

graze handpick your very own healthy snack box and post it straight to you (at work or home). Choose from over 100 tasty natural nibbles (including rustic rolled oat flapjacks, freshly baked foccacia, cracked black pepper cashews and juicy dried fruit) and cut out those naughty snacks we’re all guilty of reaching for.

Incredible food for grazing at your desk – that’s tasty!

How it works:

  1. Choose your box and tell Graze how often you want it
  2. Tell Graze how much you like the foods in their range
  3. Graze handpick your box based on your tastes
  4. Your box is delivered first class to your work or home

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