How it works

Lions’ Share works on a simple principle.

This website comprises a large number of links to third party websites, typically online retailers, with whom we have signed up as an “affiliate”. This basically means that we help to generate business via their websites, and in return we are given some kind of payback, such as a percentage of the sale value or a one-off commission, which we put to good use.

So, for example, instead of going directly to a shop to buy something (whether online or on the highstreet), you can check to see if you can buy the goods through one of the shops listed here, and in doing so benefit the charity at no cost to yourself – indeed by shopping around you may even save yourself money as well!

Typical commissions range from 1% upwards – in some cases as much as 10% or more. You may not think that giving us 1% of the price of a DVD is worth the effort, but it all adds up and when combined together we hope that we can collect enough money to do some significant work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Lions’ Share store any information about me or my purchases?
    No, in fact we never collect that information in the first place so we wouldn’t have the opportunity to store it even if we wanted to (which we don’t!)
  • If you’re not collecting information, how does the money come back to you?
    When you click on a link from this site, you are redirected through an affiliate management company to the shop’s website. The affiliate company records the fact that someone has “clicked through” (although again they don’t have any information about you to store). The shop site will create a “cookie” which is stored by your web browser; cookies are used for all sorts of purposes such as allowing you to log in to sites, and to store a shopping basket on a site, for example. (For more infomation about cookies, see here.) In this case it allows the shop to record that you visited the site through the affiliate link so that if you make a purchase the appropriate commission can be paid.
  • What happens if I disable cookies, or delete cookies between clicking your link and making a purchase?
    In this case there’s no way to link your transaction back to Lions’ Share, and no commission will be paid to us.
  • What’s in it for the shop?
    Put simply, increased business. Of-course it may be that you visit this site to generate us commission on a purchase you were going to make anyway, and therefore the shop has lost out (albeit to a good cause). But equally you may not find the shop you want here but find a similar shop – or maybe even a cheaper shop – and go there instead, so the commission that the retailer pays us is justified. And of-course while browsing here you might find some gift ideas or discover some new shops, and again that is what the retailers are paying for.
  • Are the sites you link to endorsing the Lions? Are you endorsing them?
    No to both questions. It’s very important to understand that none of the merchants listed here specifically endorse us or our projects; they make similar arrangements with many other organisations and we’re just one small fish in a large pond. And it’s just as important to understand that whilst we’ve selected what we believe to be reputable companies that will appeal to our target audience (you!), we are not making specific recommendations or claims about these companies.
  • If I have a question, do I ask Lions’ Share or the shop?
    The shop will in most cases have no awareness about the way you connected to their site, and certainly won’t be able to answer questions about affiliate commission payments. For them, there is no real difference from you having arrived there after clicking a link in Google. Therefore, for any questions relating to the payments to Lions’ Share please contact us. Note however that we are unable to confirm whether or not a specific transaction resulted in commission payment to us; we only receive combined information not specific information relating to specific transactions.
    On the other hand, if there is anything you need to know relating to your purchase, you’ll need to talk to the shop as we are not given any information relating to you or your purchase.
  • I received bad service from a shop I visited through Lions’ Share, how do I complain?
    As above, you will need to complain to the shop itself. We only provide links to sites we believe to be reputable; we are not able to act as guarantor. (Having said that, please do let us know if you have problems with anyone we link to, as we will review whether or not they should be listed here based on such feedback.)
    Again, the analogy with Google is a good one; if you found a link on Google and visited the site, and got bad service, your complaint will be with the site and not with Google.
  • I just made a really big purchase but forgot to go through Lions’ Share. What can I do?
    Unfortunately there is nothing you can do, other than try to remember next time!
  • I found what I want to buy at a shop you don’t list! Why don’t you list them?
    Not all shops work with affiliates. Not all that do, work through the affiliate management companies we work with. Of those that do, we haven’t listed them all, because there are thousands! By all means contact us to make suggestions and we’ll investigate them.
  • What happens if I buy some goods through the Lions’ Share site, but decide on receipt to return the goods?
    Your interaction with the merchant is no different when you go via Lions’ Share than if you go direct. If you buy goods that you don’t like or are faulty in any way your rights to return them remain the same. In general, if you return goods Lions’ Share won’t get the commission – which is only fair because the merchant didn’t get a sale in the end, so there’s nothing for Lions’ Share to take a share of!
  • Can I help you raise money by clicking links lots of times, or buying goods and returning them?
    See previous question, but simple answer: no – it doesn’t work that way. It is also a good way to discourage merchants from working with us in future and we strongly request that all our users play fair.
Disclaimer: Please remember that Lions Share does not endorse any of the merchants listed on this site, nor do the merchants endorse Lions Share in any way.
If you have any problem with a merchant listed here, we cannot help you resolve the problem but please do let us know so that we can consider removing the listing.