Our privacy policy is pretty simple:

  1. We don’t ask you to tell us who you are, or where you live, so we don’t have this information to record.
  2. In common with most websites, the Internet (IP) address you connect from is logged on our server; this is occasionally used to help us diagnose problems on the site, and is never used for other purposes.
  3. If you contact us, you will need to give us contact details in order for us to reply, but we don’t use these for any other purpose – we do not sell your details, or add them to mailing lists, etc.
  4. We use Google Analytics to help us determine where in the UK (and beyond) we’re being visited from so that we can target the funds we raise accordingly. This requires that a cookie be stored on your PC.
  5. We also use cookies in conjunction with the affiliate networks and merchants we work with, to “track” any visits you make to merchant sites from Lions’ Share, so that we are able to receive the commissions that this site was designed to collect.

Recent EU regulations mean that all UK and other EU websites have to give all visitors the ability to opt out of cookies (or risk huge fines), and you will start to see more sites taking steps to offer you this choice. Note that in almost all cases this is simply a case of sites which have always used cookies taking steps to make this clear to you, rather than a change to the way the sites work.

We request that you enable cookies when visiting this site, as it will be impossible for us to collect commissions to use for charity without them.

Disclaimer: Please remember that Lions Share does not endorse any of the merchants listed on this site, nor do the merchants endorse Lions Share in any way.
If you have any problem with a merchant listed here, we cannot help you resolve the problem but please do let us know so that we can consider removing the listing.