At LivingSocial, they offer new, handpicked local deals and experiences to millions of their UK subscribers every day. From the top local spas and restaurants, to once in a lifetime experiences, LivingSocial is one of the fastest growing online companies in the world. Below are some of the fantastic deals that they have offered to their members in the UK.

Top Categories

  • Local Deals
  • National Deals
  • Travel Deals (Escapes)

Past Deals

  • £15 voucher to spend on anything at M&S (56% saving)
  • 2 tickets to any movie at any time in any Cineworld across the UK (50% saving)
  • £20 to spend on anything at (50% saving)
  • £9 entry to Zoo Lates at ZSL London Zoo (53% saving)
  • £12 family entry to Magna Science Adventure Centre (52% saving)
  • £199 overnight stay at a Crazy Bear Hotel with breakfast, champagne, gift box and Thai Message (57% saving)

LivingSocial is at the forefront of social commerce. Through their current verticals (Daily Deals, Escapes and National productd deals) they bring surprise and delight to every calendar. They launched the Me+3 concept (if you buy a deal, share it, and three of your friends buy the same deal, then yours is free!), which incentivises their members to spread a deal virally across social media.

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