Playing Fair

As a supporter of Lions International, Lions’ Share takes the Lions Code of Ethics seriously, which includes the following:

  • To Remember that in building up my business it is not necessary to tear down another’s; to be loyal to my clients or customers and true to myself.

In developing Lions’ Share a clear goal has been to work with merchants not against them; we will better succeed with their cooperation. To that end we would like to stress to our users:

  • Lions’ Share is about taking a share of profits made through genuine sales generated through the site.
  • Ordering goods to generate commissions, only to subsequently cancel the order or return the goods does not help Lions’ Share. For a start, it doesn’t actually work; commissions are delayed until orders are completed and cancelled or returned orders will result in commissions being cancelled too. Worse, this creates an overhead (and a cost) for the merchant which just encourages them not to work with us. There are all sorts of tactics that people try, and the merchants (and the affiliate agents we work through) are well versed in spotting them and penalising any affiliate that tries to abuse the system.
  • Lions’ Share is not about taking money back from big companies who can afford to lose it, it is about working with those companies to the benefit of everyone.

We don’t have any evidence of abuse by Lions’ Share users, something that we are rightly proud of and would it like to remain the case. However, this is a problem that has been seen by some merchants on similar sites, so we’ve decided to put this message here to discourage any well-meaning but misguided users attempting to play the system using Lions’ Share.

Disclaimer: Please remember that Lions Share does not endorse any of the merchants listed on this site, nor do the merchants endorse Lions Share in any way.
If you have any problem with a merchant listed here, we cannot help you resolve the problem but please do let us know so that we can consider removing the listing.