The Well Hung Meat Company is the top online butcher in the UK, accumulating more awards than any other butcher. They have been an online retailer for over 8 years. All of their meats are organic, grass fed and hand reared; they are also Soil Association certified. Over the years they have kept adding new products to their range – bacon, mutton, venison. They also developed the way they prepare their meat, so today they do all their butchery the traditional way by hand, with no machinery at all. (There’s something very unromantic about a buzz saw). The majority of their orders are on a regular repeat basis, with the flexibility of having a customer account to control the products and frequency you would like to receive a box. They also provide great benefits of which can be found on their website for becoming one of their repeat customers. Everything is customisable and they deliver nationwide every Thursday and Friday.

The Well Hung Meat Company not only stands for all things organic but also takes great care in the ethos of the company. Geoff Sayers the founder of the company (which originating from his own farm), has farming blood flowing though his veins as the family farm has been passed down through the generations. “Their aim is not to compete with local farm shops or butchers across the country but instead to tackle the supermarket dominance by offering a convenient, cost effective and flexible alternative to the supermarket shelves. They target not the elite ‘organic only’ market but the general public as a whole. Their message is, eat less meat, but be sure of the quality and traceability of what you do buy.”

The name of Well Hung Meat hails from the hanging process that is carried out in the butchery. The meat is hung for the time it needs to make it tender, and to ‘taste like meat used to’. Then the meat is butchered by hand, using traditional skills and tools, producing a variety of interesting and useful cuts. Beef is hung for up to 6 weeks, veal for 14 days, mutton for 10 days, lamb for 7 days, pork for 5 days, and even the chickens are hung for 3 days. “If you don’t hang the meat then all the hard work goes to waste: it would be like squeezing grapes and calling it wine! That said you can ruin a good bit of meat by not hanging but you can’t make a poor bit good by hanging it!” says Geoff. The company provides only flavoursome organic produce whilst also priding itself on excellent animal welfare standards. The meat from surrounding farms only travels a maximum of 25 miles, reducing food miles and Ensuring animals are locally bred.

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